Eyetinerary is a name I conceived several years to embrace a collection of images of my observations as I travel
through life with my long time friend 'photography'.

This site was always meant to be place where I can showcase some creative work of things that inspire me in
a different location from my commissioned work on my main website which you can view here.

For a while my good friend and fellow photographer Nadia Calabrese used this site to showcase some of our creative wedding photography.
We both love to photograph small, intimate and uniquely styled weddings, we are definitely not the typical wedding photographer and
prefer not to take on the larger weddings, therefore we don't take many wedding contracts. If you have come to this site to
see our wedding work, please click here to see our wedding images. To work with us for your intimate wedding or event
please contact Nadia Calabrese at info@nadiacalabrese.com.